Are you as a woman getting paid right?

askshivani culture leadership payequality Aug 09, 2021

Leadership Landscape for women

The leadership landscape for women is changing. Some of it needed to be changed decades ago. Particularly around the safety for women.

What media stories such as Brittany Higgins being raped in a parliamentary office and Christine Holgate who claims to have been bullied out the CEO role at Australia post do not help women feel safe in our current leadership landscape.

And there are thousands of stories that never make it to the media like above of abuse of power in many forms of leadership where the victims are silenced.

The question is always asked is the organisation to create the landscape for women or women to forge it? Both and ideally at the same time I say.

Women like Veronica Boe of Spain is an aerospace engineer helping bring the driverless vehicles to the fore.

Women are starting to paint their own landscapes. Women like Fernanda Canales is an architect that is creating responsive buildings that enhance community and is doing jut that. The. questions for you to ask in your business is:

  1. Is your leadership landscape promote women to feel safe?

  2. Are the women getting the opportunities the same as others?

  3. If there are complaints, are they being investigated properly?

Love and Regards

Shivani x



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