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A little about me.....

Hey there, I'm Shivani. I am a Keynote Speaker, Business Coach and Author.

I am in the first woman in my lineage to work and moving from India to Australia at the age of 11, I feel very grateful for the opportunities I have had.

My WHY is to help the business leaders and owners of small to medium businesses scale, get their people to step up and mange their mental wellness. 

Over the last 21 years of running my own business', I have presented to over a quarter of a million people across 18 countries, coached over 1500 leaders globally and authored 8 books and currently writing my 9th.   

I have scaled many of my own businesses over $1M. I recently exited a business that I grew from $0 to $5M.

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"My role is to help you reach your potential in four areas; Scale, People, Mental Wellness and Exit."


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