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About me..

Our family moved to Australia from India when I was 11. I am the first woman in my lineage to have the opportunity to work which I am so grateful for. And hence I wanted to create a business to help other people be grateful and passionate about their life and their work.

I am a self-confessed nerd. I graduated as an electrical engineer (which is so nerdy) and then did an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.  I worked in corporate roles and got to work with amazing people. Despite earning great money, I felt unfulfilled. I knew I had to feed my bills and my soul. In 2002, I started my own business which is an education business through speaking, mentoring and authoring.

Since then, I have launched several other wellness businesses. Building other businesses has allowed me to learn how to build and empower teams. I currently have 42 people in my team who are fun and challenging to lead.

I live by some simple rules. Be authentic. Love fiercely. People that hurt you are your teachers – forgive and let go. Live passionately. Live as if it was your last.

I constantly want to share with you through the newsletter, BLOG, articles and books with you..

 One of my passions is to have girls in 3rd world countries receive an education so they are able t work and be financially empowered and do not have to live a life of abuse and poverty.

 I am a mum to a beautiful 8 year old boy, Om and an amazing 10 year old girl, Shanti and am married to an awesome guy Scott. I love doing meaningful work as that is the only thing that takes me away from my loved ones.

 Love Shivani x


My Why : For people to be grateful and passionate about their work


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