When are you retiring? Me never!

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Never retire

Reinventing at least every 10 years

 The right retirement age

Growing up, I heard many adults say, they could not wait to retire when they were 55 years of age.  This changed to 60, then 65 and now 70.  Many people cant retire as they don't have enough savings.

What if you love your work?

Some of us - global statistics say 13% of of us love our job or business.  That is not many of us but could be you. Even then you have to reinvent yourself every few years.  You need to be relevant.  You need to be adding value in your current form

What if you don't love your work?

If you don't love your work and need to or want to work, then you need to find a way.  You may need to pivot.  Part of that could be looking at what interests you or find a growth industry or need to study that area.

For Women

Many women have these key stages of life.  I have generalised them in decades to make the point.  Women need to think about questions like:

  • What work do I really want to do?
  • When will I want to retired?
  • How many days may I wish to work in the last 5-10 years or my career?

Each decade is a reminder to do things differently.  What you may or not want to do. 

Have you got a plan.

For me

I love working and don't have a plan to ever stop working.  When I do meaningful and purposeful work, it does not feel like work.  And to have ore time to volunteer also


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Most people spend more time on an annual holiday than planning their career and life.  Take the time.

Love and Regards



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