5 Tips To Enhance Your Remote Team's Productivity

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5 Tips To Enhance Your Remote Team's Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic has made work from home the new standard in workplace culture. Due to its many benefits, working from home is becoming more and more common among both employers and employees. Not only do you have complete control over your schedule, but you also save time by avoiding the commute, which means you can spend more time with your loved ones. But there's always a downside to working from home.

Remaining productive is a challenge for many remote workers. Given how common this problem is, we've put together a list of tried-and-true tactics to assist you in resolving it and encouraging your employees to continue being productive even when working from home.

These are seven practical strategies that, when put into practice, can lead to a steady and significant increase in the productivity of remote workers.


  1. Streamlined Communication

A productive team is built on a foundation of effective communication, strong team dynamics, and efficient brainstorming. For remote teams that depend on consistent contributions to stay in touch and function more efficiently, it's especially crucial.

Talking to your remote team members about things other than work regularly is the best way to help them feel connected. Building relationships with the people you work with is essential.

Finding the right balance is crucial, though, as things can easily get out of control. Ultimately, excessive cross-channel communication may have the opposite effect that you intended. Sharing for the sake of sharing can result in risky information overload, which reduces productivity and makes it harder to make decisions.


  1. Enhance Corporate Culture For Teams Working Remotely

Remaining committed to the company's mission and culture when working remotely is one of the hardest things about productive remote work. Because of this, it's critical to highlight important cultural traits and make sure the team adapts to them even in their absence.

Here are some actions to help remote teams maximize corporate culture:

  • Set flexible work hours to better support employee work-life balance, which is a key factor in increased productivity.
  • Offer significant incentives related to mental and physical health to promote employee well-being and, consequently, increase productivity.
  • To revitalize employee  engagement and commitment to shared objectives, establish policies and initiatives that uphold fundamental company values.


  1. Establish Well-Recorded Procedures

Making sure that processes are properly documented is one of your most important duties. Make sure that all employees understand where to find these documents and that they are being followed.

Team members should not only be told the goal; they should also be given an idea of how it will be achieved. To simplify things for you, let employees develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for their specific roles. Remember to update these SOPs as circumstances change.

One of the biggest obstacles to productivity is the inability to constantly improve a variety of processes. Companies need to identify all time-wasters, or repetitive tasks, and find ways to automate them so that they can focus more of their time on high-priority initiatives.


  1. Avoid Piling Too Much on Employees

When an employee works from the office, it's simple for management to determine whether they are working too much. It's possible that you've noticed the worker never eats lunch and always leaves late. You don't always have this kind of information when working with remote personnel. Should the essential safety measures not be taken, workers might become overworked.

If you are forced to give your employee urgent work, find out what impact it will have on their other responsibilities. After that, the worker might give you an idea of how much time they'll need to dedicate to the impacted tasks.


  1. Conduct Team-Building Exercises

Employees can talk about anything outside of work during weekly team calls and socials, which help to keep everyone happy. One great way to increase non-work contact is to have a group lunch via video or an after-work Zoom hang. It's also a good idea to have movie or game nights online, just like you would if the teams were in the same office.

By taking part in these activities, employees can form bonds and get to know one another outside of the workplace. Teams benefit from and become closer as a result of this kind of bonding. Compared to teams where members are strangers to one another, these teams are more productive.



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