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blog Jul 16, 2018

Learning and mind features as #3 (out of 7) on my passion priorities for 2018.  This year we made a decision to go skiing for the first time as a family.  I was excited at first to learn something new and feeding my learning passion and have a shared experience with my family.

I can't ski.  I went for 3 hours after a conference in the US 8 years ago.  I was nervous at going this time.

I knew a few families from the school whose kids were competing that were going to be there too and my ego was a bit worried about making an idiot of myself or crying coming down the mountain.  My main issue was how do I lead my children in trying a new skill and having a go which is my advice to them all the time. Practice what you preach right?  Whatever.....

We got there and between a couple of my support team, we realised that two of our private lessons had fallen in the cracks so now I found myself in the group lessons.  Great!  Even worse. Scott progressed by day 2 to a more advanced group as did the kids progress to level 2.  I was still stuck at the same level.  Speaking about it at dinner that day was embarrassing. 

The next day, my teacher said to me 'you look so tense'.  Yes I was!!!!  My head was going through if I break my leg, how will I get the kids to school and their activities in that week Scott is away in two weeks, how much will Uber cost me, yada yada .........

My head was so full.  I had to remind myself of how I learnt yoga or anything else.  Breathe.  Don't worry about the level or what will happen if I break a leg.  Just breathe and enjoy.....

As I taught myself to breathe consciously, I started to see how beautiful the mountain was, how lovely the sun shining was and I really started to enjoy the scenery.

At the end of the week, I only moved to green (beginner slopes) by myself but I really enjoyed myself.  My kids on the last day wanted to go to blue (intermediate slopes) they had to been doing.  I could not agree but said we could do the green ones instead.  I said no.  Even to my son on his 8th birthday.  I can only do what I can do safely I told him.  They reluctantly agreed and I smiled all the way down the 5 runs we did as a family for the first time.

My lessons:

1. Don't worry about other people's levels and how quickly they progress.  They may be more natural at this than me.  Just do my best

2. Say no when I am not comfortable including to my son on his birthday

3. Breathe and enjoy.  The enjoyment for me in the end came from the mountain not the skiing itself.


Shivani x


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