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Before I had kids, I was very judgemental of mums who I perceived as not being in 'control' of their kids.

These behaviours were socially at parties or BBQ's or even in the supermarket where the 'out of control' child was screaming for a lollipop and having a tantrum in the aisle.

Once I had children, I experienced a similar situation when my 3 year old refused to go to the checkout until... You guessed it. Till I got her a lollipop (a chuppa chup to be exact).

As she screamed and I turned into a ball of embarrassment, I did not know how to deal with it except to give in.

Since then one of the things I have experienced are that many mums judge each other.  It is even harder when we judge their kids not knowing any history or context or background.

I have a friend with a child with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) who struggles to concentrate in class and then gets bored and then creates disorder in class.  She said her son was often left out of games and not invited to many play dates or birthday parties.  This makes it even harder for a kid experiencing issues to socialise and feel loved.  As a parent and a very amazing leader in the workplace, it destroys her confidence.

How does a mum who is so confident at work maintain her sense of self and manage her confidence as a parent when your child has ADHD or something that needs more support. 

Here are 3 tips:

  1. Know that you are an awesome parent and want the best things for your child.  Repeat the mantra 10 times a day "I am an awesome parent'
  2. Know there is support available for your child and you.  Explore various options so see what works for you.
  3. Handpick 2-3 families that are non judgemental for your child.  Your child and you could do with supportive people around you and know being a parent is super hard.

Love and Regards

Shivani x



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