SHOSHIN: Encouraging lifelong learning

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SHOSHIN: Encouraging lifelong learning


I recently took my daughter (who is in high school) to a university open day. We attended four lectures in various careers. Each session mentioned that this generation will have six to eight careers. That is a lot of careers, and each of those careers will require a lot of shoshin with each transition into the next career.

Shoshin refers to a ‘beginner’s mind’, which is a concept rooted in Zen Buddhism and can be applied to personal growth, creativity and learning. It is the idea of looking at situations and experiences with an open, curious and humble mindset, regardless of experience. It encourages you to adopt the mind of a beginner, even when you’ve got plenty of experience, knowledge or skills.

Imagine if ALL the people in your business had a beginners’ mind or open heart. You would be surrounded by people who did not constantly complain or make comments such as ‘we’ve done this before and it didn’t work’. ‘Yes!’ you might think. ‘I would like more of these people in my business!’ 

Lifelong learners often experience career growth and advancement. According to a 2016 survey from the Pew Research Center in the United States, people who engage in continuous learning are more likely to receive promotions and salary increases compared to those who do not invest in their personal and professional development.

When you approach a situation with a beginner’s mind, you leave behind any preconceived ideas, biases and judgements. You’re willing to see things as they are, free from the filters of your past experiences or assumptions.

A beginner’s mind is ideal for creativity and innovation. By getting rid of assumptions, you open up new possibilities and think outside the box. When you have a beginner’s mind, challenges and obstacles are seen as opportunities for growth rather than as threats.

The shoshin mentality is about living in the present moment. It encourages mindfulness and being fully engaged in the here and now.

As a business leader and owner, you want your people to have the shoshin mentality!




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