What to outsource so you can grow your business?

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What to outsource?

As you look at the list of all the things you need to do in your business, the list looks endless.

Harder still, your name or initials are next to all of them. The downside of doing it all can lead to burnout and if that happens, there is no business!

I have found in running my own SME's or helping other businesses grow, that here is way to determine what you want to do to outsource.

1. Make a list of the main tasks you do each week.  This may take your 30-60 mins to do and is worth it.  Look at your diary, how you spend your time and do the main ones which are 95% of your tasks.  Best in excel

2. Draw another column next to in it, give it the heading 'Activities'.  Next to it write Low, Medium or High.  This is based on the value it provides.  For example, client facing meeting where you are the face of the business may be high.  Organising your diary may be low.  For medium businesses, having 1:1 with key staff each week may be high but putting together contracts may be low or medium.  Put your view on whether it is L, M or H

3. Next to the low ones, work out approx. (in next column) what it would cost you to outsource it?  For example a Virtual assistant (VA) may cost you approximately $12/hour.  This compared to your rates, will save you a lot of time which you can do more of High activities. 

4. Find an agency that can help.  I have worked with 5 now.  Any questions on this, email me on [email protected]

5. Do a trial for 3 months and assess how your business has grown and 'fine tune' what you outsource.

Most businesses in my experience find that they can outsource includes data entry and general administration, accounts/bookkeeping and payroll and customer service. To work on your business, other services you can outsource include marketing, website management and copywriting.

Grow your Business

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