Do you feel like an imposter?

askshivani feel good imposter leadership leadership engineers Sep 17, 2021

I have felt this for a long time.  Surely someone will find out that I am not that talented.

Have you every felt like an imposter?

Apparently 70% of us do and more women than men do.

If you have, try and work out the type of imposter you feel rather than give it a 'blanketed' approach.

In this week's podcast Episode #42, I go through this in a lot of detail.  Check it out here.

Here are some tips to take away:

  1. Know that many of us feel this
  2. Look at what you are good at and balance out where you feel like an imposter
  3. Get a mentor
  4. Do affirmations 
  5. Journal what you did well

Love and Regards

Shivani x


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