How to save your energy

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When I was younger, I used to get vibes from people - some I liked and others I did not like.  Some I even felt repulsed by.  My daughter when she was 3 years old and I were in a supermarket getting things for dinner.  I ran into a colleague I had not seen in many years.   I introduced her to  my daughter and vice versa.  My daughter looked at her up and down and said 'I don't like her energy'.  Oh my goodness.  I was a little embarrassed. 

However I was told to be polite when I was younger and I did not voice my views.  Were you ever like that?

How to save your energy

As people, we are made of energy.  We feel energy from buildings, spaces, experiences and especially people.  Some we are naturally drawn to and others we are not.

I also found when mentoring people, it was difficult to help them at times and they were not telling me everything.  

After reading many books and studying with a great teacher over a couple of years, I was able to tap into my intuition and start to read and use energy work in my work.

I now use it for practical things like clearing spaces when you stay in a hotel, before I speak on stage, my home office in between meetings.

There are people we deal with that also take up a lot of energy.  Although you may need to continue to be near people at work or at home, managing your energy around them is crucial.

If you need a hand cutting off your energy with anyone in your life, please let me know.  My work can help you manage most of it from 1-2 sessions.  To find out more, email me.

If you would like to book in a session, please click here.

Managing your energy from vampire suckers is important.

Creating your energy doing what you love to do at work and home is equally important.

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