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blog Apr 18, 2018

Vietnam is known for its tailors.  In fact, there are literally thousands on them.  And that is just in Hoi An, a city of 120,000 people only let alone the rest of Vietnam.

How do you stand out when 7 out of 10 shops are tailors?  Is it the front?  Is it the staff? What about budget?  Service?

Its all of it but there is an order.  The order is to start with a smile and take an interest in the customer.  The first tailor we went into was recommended and was a big production.  They paid for the taxi, they got us water, then tea and then told us the most popular items.  They didn't ask me about my needs - my items, my budget, my time frame.  It was all about their expertise!

We walked across the road and loved the smile we got.  'How are you?' This was the first question.  Not 'come in, I have something to sell'.  'What are you looking for'?  This is before I had entered the shop.  I like it already!  We went in.  2 staff got their notepads out.  They asked questions about what we needed, what was our budget?  They wanted to get to know me.

They asked me if I had samples.  Which I had.  As a result, we bought 11 outfits and spends hundreds of dollars, recommended them on TripAdvisor and recommended them to 2 other tourists we have met on this trip already.  Why?  Because when I come across great people and businesses, I love recommending others.  And you probably do too.

It is us going back to the 80's customer service (minus the cheesy parts)

1. Smile and enjoy your job.  Show your passion for what you do

2. Ask the client what they want.  If you are not right for them, let them go to someone else and even recommend someone else to help people.  It comes back.  Trust me.

3. Listen and take notes for what people want so you can get it right

4. Promote the people and businesses that have helped you, help others.

Love Always

Shivani x


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