Using head AND heart to make decisions

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Using both head and heart when making decisions

Most processes and training is based on head. Head is safe. Heart is risky.

Friends and family will say, use your heart when you decide major decisions. Work and other places will tell you to make decisions from your heard. Cut out the emotions. Think with your head.

We often feel that there is a choice. My question is why can’t you combine both?

When I have picked a partner based on head, it has been a mistake. When I have just considered the heart, I have made a mistake too.

When I have hired staff, same issue when I have only considered one option.

When I have bought a house, same thing.

Yet all of society tells us to pick one.

When you pick both and do a weighted average, you will make better decisions.

3 Tips to help you:

  1. Write down all the reasons why you want to do something. A list of pros and cons for example is the THINK part. This is the head.

  2. Now close your eyes and FEEL when you do option 1. Write these down. Now option 2, write down feeling words. This is the heart.

  3. Now look at both things and feel them connecting to each other and know you will make the right decision and decide.


    Would love your thoughts and feelings!

    Shivani x


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