Changing Careers

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Changing careers

I was really worried about giving up a high paying, stable corporate job that I had worked so hard for. But I knew it was time to go.

Have you every felt that? Did you feel it and stay? Or did you feel it and go?

It is important to to at least have the space to think about it.

I was recently speaking to a client whose business had restructured and her role had been redundant. When discussing with her the 2 options in her workplace she could have taken or the redundancy, she felt at the end of the sessions, that it was time to take the plunge.

She was sensible though. She did a budget so she knew how long she had before having to take another job.

She is a mum also and thought through the pros and cons of working for herself and other businesses.

We created a plan A - start her own business. A plan B which was to take contract work . And a plan C which was to go back within 10 months if she did not get the business off the ground.

When you feel a passion for doing something, that is the start. The spark. The flame that can ignite what you want to do. However it is not enough. You also need a sold plan to back it up.

For me, when I started my business I did not have kids. I had saved enough money to live on for almost 2 years. That was not an extravagant lifestyle but enough to have fun and also start my business. If by month 18, it was not working, I would take any job to keep my finances going so I could still be independent financially.

When changing careers, here are the 3 tips:

  1. Work out what you really want to do. Hating where you are is not passion. Be pulled towards something

  2. When you know or think you know, do a budget, do a plan in detail. This is key

  3. Practice your narrative at least 10 times to make what you are going to do and how you are going to explain it to others. Practice in the mirror 10 times, then with family 10 times. Keep doing it till it becomes second nature so you can say it easily to others

Shivani x


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