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Confidence is a state, a belief.  Saying you have low or high confidence in everything  is simply not true. There are some areas we have high confidence in and other areas we have low confidence in.  The trick is to identify your areas and then do some deeper work on it.

Growing up, I had low confidence socially.  I worried about what people thought of me.  I tried to fit in.  This was made worse when I moved to Australia at the age of 11 where one particular boy who was racist made fun of the colour of my skin, my curry lunch and called me smelly and made my life hell.  I used to go home crying from school.  

I have had to do some work on it.  I used to try and change my state my singing Whitney Houston in front of the mirror. As I grew older, I have had to learn tricks and hacks and techniques.  

Confidence is a state.  It changes.  You need to aware of it not just assume it will say the same.

I have created a FREE checklist for you to BOOST your confidence.  Please download here.  Hope you enjoy

I have also created a model on confidence which looks at whether you are working on yourself and willing to learn or not and whether you are expanding or contracting which is a feeling.  See where you sit with this right now.  

This model I have developed shows that when we believe in ourselves and are prepared to work on ourselves, affirming ourselves we are able to boost our confidence.

Harvard health in June 2019 published an article that our confidence peaks when we are working and making a contribution.

Amy Gallo also published in Harvard Business Review that the more you practice something, your confidence goes up.  Whether it is the piano or affirmations on controlling your inner negative voice.

To me, it is like injecting yourself with better thoughts.

Don't forget to download your FREE checklist for you to BOOST your confidence.  Please download here.  

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