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Mindfulness the Ayurveda Way

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian practice dating back about 5000 years ago.

As a child, I had some of my grandparents doing this practice and I had no interest whatsoever in it. I thought it was weird.

When I moved to Australia, I wanted to fit in with the ‘Aussies’ so anything Indian I wanted to avoid for a while, especially something that was 5000 years old! Not a great party trick at 11!

As I have got older, I am more drawn back to my lineage, to my culture, to the traditions of India. Not the India it is today but more the India that has such depth in its ways that it has survived 5000 fricking years!

I got to interview Mark Bunn on my AskShivani podcast for this week. Mark is an ex AFL footballer turned speaker and author. His book Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health I had picked up years ago at an Olivers store (alternative to McDonalds at about 30 places on the eastern highways in Australia). I loved the book, the name and the guidance in it.

Mark will share many things about mindfulness in this weeks episode. But Ayurveda keeps coming up.

Here are the 5 tips that 5000 year old philosophy recommends:

  1. Eat the Right Food for your type. To find out your type, try

  2. Start your morning with yoga only for 15 minutes. Its not about being a pretzel but to warm your body up

  3. Meditate. Please meditate!

  4. Do not drink cold drinks with your meal. It is like putting water on fire. Warm drinks are good

  5. Eat your largest meal at lunchtime when your fire (aor agni) is at its peak

Any comments, let me know

Shivani x



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