20 years in business. Top 20 lessons

#20yearsinbusiness #entrepreneur #freedom #askshivani Jul 01, 2022

When I left my corporate job, I was yearning for was space and freedom

So far - 7 businesses. Success and failure. Profit and loss. Over 50 staff and 0. Some exited and some still there. Some scaled and some not.

Many of these lessons are what I didn't do well so here’s to being vulnerable

1. Take advice from the best and who have actually done it

2. Read. I’ve read almost 500 books. Make time for reading and keep jotting down lessons. Thank you Dr. John Demartini

3. Balance is being present at work when at work and present with family when with your family. No guilt 

4. Don’t fall in love with ‘gurus’. They are human and fall off the pedestals

5. Who are you? When not a business person or a wife or a mum. That’s the real you

6. People are your best asset. At any given time, 10% of staff are noisy, annoying, low performers and demanding. Focus on the 90% who are hard working, loyal and the higher performers 

7. As you scale, you need systems to help you scale. Best book I’ve read on this is scaling up by Verne Harnish
8. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room

9. Your gut is your second brain. If you get a gut feel says no to the person or project, trust it

10. Hire slower and fire fast. Ask for second opinions on key roles. Fire fast and within probation period. It will cost you less to rehire and retrain then put up with bad attitudes in the long run 

11. Find min of 60 mins a day for you. 30 min walk exercise and 10 mins meditation, 10 mins reading and 10 mins of journaling. This clears your head. Thank you @warren rustand

12. Not everybody will like you or your success. Spend less time with people who put you down. These people are your biggest teachers

13. When you feel lost in what you’re doing, go back to your why. Thank you @simon sinek

14. Mentors are a must. Get a new one each year on what you need development in. Thank you to all my mentors

15. You will fail. It’s part of being successful. Write lessons down from those failures and review each month. Thank you @siimon reynolds
16. If you have tried everything and it still does not work, let it go and move on. Thank you for this lesson @richard branson

17. Know your passions and live them each day. Say no to things that give you more time for passions. Thank you @janet bray attwood

18. Believe in yourself. We all have imposter syndrome.

19. Give away a % of your profit or revenue to do good in the world. Thank you @peter singer 

20. Kids are only kids for a fraction of a second before they are grown. Don’t lose the micro moments. Thank you @scott orpin

21. Bonus - you are here for about 80 years. Don’t go to your deathbed wishing. Thank you @bronnie ware and @dr wayne dyer

What has been one of your key learnings in business (own business or working for others) so far?

Would love your shares

Here’s to another 20 years! 

#20yearsinbusiness #entrepreneur #freedom #askshivani


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