You only need to change by 1%

When someone first came up with this concept, I thought to myself 'this is absurd!'.  1% is not going to get you anywhere.

Is 1 kg of feathers heavier or 1 kg of bricks?  They are the same.  One just 'feel's heavier.  This 1% is like a feather that has the same effect.

But in the last 2 years, I keep coming across this content over and over again from different teachers in different places.

The first was a business seminar that spoke about making small changes citing the Kaizen or Japanese principles that little bits add up.

Then a couple of years ago was compounding wealth build up.

The I went to Alan Miltz workshop about changing prices up by 1% where no one feels it.

Then I read atomic habits last month which talked about habits and changing by 1% at at time.  I have a rule of 3 but this time I went to 4! Slow learner on this one.

So this is what I have changed in the last month by 1%.  I would love to see what you NEED or want to change by 1%

  1. Putting my exercise clothes out the night before so after my shower, it is right there.  When I am in these clothes, I am more prone to exercising (HEALTH)
  2. Putting when I will do online food shopping in my diary and creating a list.  this means I can now order within 4-5 mins and have it delivered for $10.  This saves me around 3 hours of work a week and money as I am not buying anything that is not on my list (FAMILY and MONEY)
  3. I have turned my phone on airplane mode for 90 mins a day when I am working on high level or high thinking activities.  This simple 5 seconds means I am not distracted in my day (MIND)

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