Each Workshop is 1 - 4 hours in duration based on the time you have. Each workshop is tailored to your business.

Most of our clients run them quarterly to keep their people motivated, productive and for retention. Ask us how this can be best structured for your business. Contact here

Mental Wellness of Your People

Ensuring the mental wellness of yourself and your people is vital for establishing a supportive and productive work environment.


1. Integrate 1 minute reflections into daily routines

2. Recognise early signs of mental strain and address them promptly

3. Effectively manage exhaustion and prevent burnout.


Getting Your People to Step Up

Attracting and Retaining Key Talent is the key to People Success.

Empower your team to rise to the occasion, cultivating a culture of ownership, initiative, and excellence in your business 


1. Encourage fresh perspectives and innovative thinking

2. Strategise for long-term success and growth

3. Foster a shared vision that inspires action and unity

Formula for High Performing Teams

Unlock the potential of your team with clear goals and effective communication. High-performing teams collaborate seamlessly, boosting productivity and decision-making.




1.  Offer more praise and honest feedback, instilling belief in your team

2. Navigate behaviours and performance effectively

3. Keep focus on tasks, not distractions


Clarity on your passions and goals

Understanding your passions is crucial for living a fulfilling and purpose- driven life.

Identify what truly sparks your enthusiasm and fuels your drive enables you to align your actions with your values and aspirations, through these key learnings:

1. Making conscious choices that resonate with your passions

2. Striking a balance between assertiveness and restraint

3. Overcoming fears that may hinder your pursuit of passion

7 Strategies to Scale your Business

Discover the power of effective scaling to propel your business forward.

Unlock new markets, elevate competitiveness, and secure sustainable long-term growth.

Master the art of scaling with these strategies:

1. Bring your vision to life with precision

2. Understand and motivate your team to drive success

3. Set and surpass your business goals effortlessly

Managing Challenging Conversations

Communication and a lack of it is often the #1 reason people become disengaged in business. 

This reduces productivity.

Learn the techniques and hacks to improve you and your team's communication.


1. Unique model to understand people's differences

2. How to communicate to people who you find difficult

3. How to get more 'yes'

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