Shivani has been speaking professionally for 20 years and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). She has has spoken in 18 countries to audiences ranging from 20 to 6000 people.

Her topics are:

Passion is Fuel : People are driven by their own passions not the passion and values of the business. If you want to fuel the passion and productivity of your people, learn how to tap into ‘their’ passions. You can only master 3 of the 7 passions for a given year. Fuel your people’s passions and their performance.  


  • Identify your top 3 passions for your staff

  • Learn to align your gaols to your passions

  • Give your people more of that fuels their passions 

The People Engineer : Having studied engineering and now behaviours of people, there are behaviours you need to change to create a high performing team.  People can be your greatest joy and your biggest frustration. Learn how to reduce your stress and increase enjoyment around managing people. 


  • Learning the art of difficult conversations with non performers 

  • Strategies to consider to retain excellent performers 

  • How to build high performance teams  

Passion@Work : According to global surveys, 87% of the world is dispassionate about their work. How do we find and then stay passionate about our work so we enjoy the thing where we spend so much time in. 


  • Knowing how to find what you are passionate about

  • Creating a business that resonates with your purpose

  • Techniques if you have lost your passion@work and how do you re-connect with it

My Well-Ness : We are trying to do it all. Its impossible. When we are at work, we worry about home. When we are at home, we worry about work. My Well-Ness will share techniques to help you become more present and improve your connection to yourself and improve your wellbeing.  


  • Learn simple techniques that are less than 5 mins to calm your mind and relieve stress

  • Improve your productivity  

  • Letting go of guilt