Each Masterclass is 90 Minutes in duration. Each masterclass is tailored to your business.

We recommend that you run masterclasses on a regular basis.  Most of our clients run them every 6-8 weeks frequency to keep their employees motivated for retention and productive. As a founder or leader in your business, ask us how this can be best structured for your business. 

How to have difficult conversations

  1. How to prepare
  2. Communication techniques
  3. Managing emotions

Having difficult conversations is an important skill in both personal and professional settings

Identifying your employees passions

  1. Your personal passions
  2. Individual vs Company
  3. Passion driven culture

Understanding and harnessing your employees' passions is necessary for enhancing engagement and productivity

Vision board for your business and life

  1. Clarity and focus
  2. Manifestation and action
  3. Goals that are in alignment

Creating a vision board can be a powerful tool for setting intentions, visualizing goals, and manifesting desires

Productivity in the workplace

  1. Get more done with same time
  2. Tools and frameworks
  3. Routines to drive more output

Improving productivity in the workplace is a common goal for organisations seeking to enhance efficiency and achieve better results

Breathwork to decrease stress

  1. Introduction to the concepts
  2. Practicing a variety of techniques
  3. Applying in everyday life

Your employees get stressed.  This will help them have more energy and vitality and create more connection with their collegaues

Mental fitness for teams

  1. Improved engagement
  2. Boost performance
  3. Better retention of people

Fostering mental wellness within teams is essential for improved well-being, engagement, and performance among employees

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