Learning's from Malcolm Gladwell

I had the opportunity to hear this master writer speak last week.  Malcolm Gladwell is the author of several NY Best Selling books such as Tipping Point, Outliers and others.  If you haven't read any of his books, do yourself a favour and grab one for the break coming up.  Here are my key lessons:

1. We need to learn from sports such as soccer which is a weak link sport.  It needs most players to pass the ball and when compared to teams and organisations, it is where you need to focus on your weak links.  Basketball is a strong link sport where you have superstars and need a few to score most of the points.  Is your organisation weak or strong link?  Once identified, how do you then people manage?  Loved this learning as I was running all my businesses the same way.

2. The difference between a good teacher is someone who will teach you almost 1.5 x the curriculum in a year compared to a below average teacher who will teach you 0.5 x of the curriculum.  The difference is up to 1 year of learning each year!  This resonated with me as when I have mentors in my life who stretch me, I  learn more and my job is to stretch the people I mentor.

3. When asked if there was a 'tipping point' happening around the Harvey Weinstein abuse of women and more women standing up, there seemed to be more of it which was heartening.  It is not that we did not know that it existed Malcolm said, it is that we are now prepared to do something about it.  Do you know of an issue in your workplace that you ignore and can you help to get to the tipping point?