Give a F%^*

Today I got to see Mark Manson live at a Business Chicks event. I had not been to an event for a couple of years so was pretty excited to get to one.

I read the book last year that Mark Manson wrote ‘The Subtle Art of not giving a F%*&’. The book wasn’t just provocative in its title and hence selling 7 million copies and translated into 50 languages. Hello! That is huge.

His second book which I bought today looks similar except its not orange. Its blue. Everything is F&*^ed.

I was expecting a guy who was a New Yorker and was going to go ra ra and shake the stage. I got the opposite.

I saw someone who was humble. I experienced a deep thinker. He was self deprecating. He was funny. Someone who actually gives a F^&*. Someone who wants people to think more about who they are and what they do. I left the breakfast with questions like ‘are people really not trusting anyone?’ Who do I trust? Who don’t I trust? Who will my kids trust? Will 238K likes on FB or Instagram actually make us more happier? Nope was the answer to that one pretty quickly. Yet somehow that is a sign of success.

My key takeaway was more time with people that matter. Make the effort. People that nourish your soul. Its about giving more of a F&*^ about people you care about with no outcome attached when you see them. You did it because it nourishes you.

Now I look forward to reading this with the family!! Last year my kids gave me such a hard time about reading a book with the F word in it. Cant wait for more reactions!

What will you give a F&*^ about today?


Shivani x

Shivani Gupta