Do you feel lucky?

Today I am working even though it is a public holiday in most of Australia - NSW, SA, NT, VIC. Actually everywhere except QLD and WA. And because I moved to QLD in January of this year, I am working as we have already had our public holiday for the Queen’s birthday. And no, we do in fact have the same queen!

As I was driving early this morning for my (love/hate relationship) pilates class, a beautiful sound hit my ears of a man singing in his 80’s of our National Anthem. Besides the school assembly (which I try and avoid going to every week unless one of the kids is performing or getting an award) where I might sing our national anthem, I don’t. I was so touched by this man singing it with so much love, that I started to get weepy as I thought about my family moving to Australia when I was 11 years old and the fact that I get to live in a lucky country.

Last week, I heard a social researcher present on how rapidly our county is going to grow and that 2/3 of the population growth (mainly from overseas skilled migrants coming into the county) will go to the Eastern parts of Australia. Whoop de whoop on stats - Australia’s population might grow my 2 million people. Not very much at all considering the rest of the world will grow by a billion! We are really lucky.

Driving the kids to school this morning, not one person was wearing a mask to cut out the pollution going into their lungs. The opposite when I have visited many hustling bustling cities in Asia.

And our kids to to beaches and have a beautiful lifestyle. We indeed are very lucky.

Yet many of us are still not happy. I am coming across people who are still not happy with what they have. They are buying more possessions. Driving more expensive cars. Getting more plastic surgery. Doing more trips. And if all of that made them happier, brilliant. But it is not. Because ‘more stuff’ does not drive happiness. This is why globally getting paid more is #4 on the list of reasons why people leave a job. #1 is relationship with manager.

Every book I have read from the dying from any faith or the brilliant book which summed it up ‘5 regrets of the dying’ by Bronnie Ware all say the same thing. When we get to our deathbed, what do we wish we had done more of? I wish I had got to 8 more hatted restaurants. No. I wish I had flown first class to Dubai. No. I wish I had worked harder so my company could see what a great employee I was. Definitely no.

It is our loved ones - family and friends and living a more meaningful and authentic life that matters at the end of the day, like literally..

So today, have a think about where you live, who you live with and this amazing country we live in and be grateful and feel a litle lucky irrespective of the things going on in your life.


Shivani x