Do something different

I saw Dr Joe Dispenza speak about 10 years ago and his book ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’ was recommended to me. I remember he was speaking about rewiring our brain and doing things differently. Whether it was brushing your teeth or driving home another way. I did it for a little while and then went back to my habits.

I have always loved being a mentor and being mentored. In the last 12 months, things got busy as they do that I did not put getting a mentor on a priority list. We moved states, homes, schools and just about everything else. As the ‘dust’ has settled, it is now clear that there are some things I must do differently. And some of these habits must change.

I put up with not speaking up about many things. Whether it was something in the media that I had an opinion on or even in the school yard and not speaking up about some horrible behaviours of some people towards others. I will do these differently from now on. I want to speak up for the underdog and someone who has an opinion but does not express it as they are worried about how to or the fact that no one has asked them for it.

Business wise, I realised that it is so good to surround yourself with people that are like valued, not just like minded. Like valued people have similar or the same values. They don’t judge you for what you want to do. They treat people the same way you do. They value their kids and partners the way you do. And hence it becomes easier to share your feelings and thoughts with them. I call it you can be more you with them.

I got myself a mentor. One of the questions I got asked was ‘What am I going to do different in the next 12 months?’. I answered with lots of energy and passion. Then the next question ‘What are you prepared to give up to achieve that?. Whoa. I am now making a list. It is a struggle but if I want something different, I have to do something different.

What do you really want for the next 12 months? What are you prepared to give up? And what are you prepared to do different to achieve it?


  1. If you know you need something like a mentor or to meditate, get it. You need it.

  2. Be prepare to give something up and do differently if you want to create something new

  3. Your mental health is more important than anything else. Whatever is going on, invest in that


Shivani x

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