Purpose based trips

Kokoda for Australians has been a purpose based trip where they follow the footsteps of their heroes.

Having being born in India but spending most of my life in Australia since the age of 11, many people I have come across have wanted to travel to India but have been worried about what they have heard whether it be a fact or myth.  

5 years ago, I came across an amazing NGO in India who is making a generational difference to girls and women across the world, Barefoot College.  I was so inspired by what they were doing to support educating girls and women so they moved away from a life of poverty and abuse, that I set up a purpose based trip.  Some of the benefits of it are:

1. You get to visit some of the key highlights of India like the Taj Mahal

2. You get to do in in a safe air-conditioned vehicle with a small group of like minded people

3. One thing in the western world we need is to connect with our soul or higher self seeing that we live such busy lives.  The trip to the ashram for a couple of days provides that rest

4. We spend 2 days at Barefoot College meeting the educators, the girls going to night schools and the solar mamas who have come from all parts of the world to become solar engineers in 6 months so they can go back to their country and solar electrify their villages.  So cool!

5. Your fundraising of $5000 (which we set you up for a page to send to family, friends and colleagues) is super easy.  $150 supports one girl for a whole year.  This is now tax deductible as we have DGR status.

We have 2 spots left.  Do you want to join us?  Email me on shivani@askshivani.com


Shivani x 

Shivani Gupta