Try less harder.....

As the new year begins of 2018, I have been wondering what my focus word for the next few months would be.  Last year it was 'balance' with my family so I restructured my diary to be able to do more pick-ups and drop off with kids and take them to their activities.  This was great as it deepened my relationship with my kids.

This year the word that keeps popping up is surrender.  I must say I am not comfortable with this word.  It sounds like I have to sit and wait for things to arrive but maybe it means the opposite.  When I really think and feel through this word, it is not trying so hard.  Let the things that are meant to happen, happen.  Not stressing about them or driving to make them happen.  This applies in business, family, friends, money, mind.  Trust.

This I know it will be a hard practice (I won't perfect it, I can assure you) as I am a goal oriented person.  However the word is meant to be a challenge.  To work around and learn and find new ways of making this word 'live'.

What is your word? What will challenge you to greater heights in 2018?  What will make you a better person?  Would love to hear any thoughts.

Much love



Shivani Gupta