Jugaad - Making something from nothing

I had the opportunity to visit India twice this month.  First for a conference with some fellow entrepreneurs and the second to attend a board meeting for a Global Not For Profit I am now a part of.

Both visits reminded me of the Indian word Jugaad which for me means being frugal or making something from nothing.  We hear of many great examples from big companies who have been successful at making something big.  However, we dont hear very often of examples from small rural examples from people that are being innovative in ways that are not seen or heard of.

One of these examples was Mansukbhai who created a refrigerator off the grid for rural communities and as a result has created an enterprise from it.  Please read his full story here. 

My learnings about Jugaad

1. Where necessity rides such as Mansukbai in areas such as rural where there is no other choice, people are more innovative.

2. Entrepreneurs find gaps in the marketplace and then create an innovative product to meet that gap

3. Innovation is not necessarily the big stuff that gets global attention.  It is often the daily things that people have to find solutions for.

4. Jugaad is a great principle to apply and being more frugal with the way you invent things whether you run a small or a large business.

5. Being passionate in certain areas allows you to find gaps in market to apply Jugaad to.




Shivani Gupta