4 Tips on getting the pay rise you deserve


Women are paid approximately 17% below that of their male counterpart for the same role with similar experience.

And although the movement of women suffering to just vote is way behind us, the inequality of pay still remains.

Is the organisation's or your boss' role to get you equal pay you deserve?  Maybe.  Here are 4 tips to help you get the pay you deserve.

Tip #1 Get clear on what you are to achieve in your yearly (or whatever time frame targets).  These will clearly define whether you have not met, met or exceeded the expectations.  Targets need to be measurable.

Tip #2 Know what your competitors are paying.  This information can be received from your HR department, recruitment agencies or a search for similar roles in your city for similar experience on search engines such as seek. 

Tip #3 Learn basic negotiation skills.  Ask questions on what is needed for you to get the pay rise?  This can be uncomfortable but you need to practice asking difficult questions.  Let people know you are disappointed if the result is below what you expected.  If you stay silent, no one knows how you feel.

Tip#4 You have to believe what you are worth.  If you cant look at someone in the eye and say the number you deserve, no one else is going to believe you either.  This one I practiced in the mirror over 100 times so I could learn to believe it!

Have a go.  Ask for what you want.  Many managers and organisations think you are happy with what you have.  It is not about being ungrateful.  It is about being fair and getting paid what anyone else is getting paid.