Alignment of Passions and Goals

I was speaking two days ago at a leadership  conference where I delivered a message on the importance of getting your passions done first and then your goals.  Most people just focus on the goals. One of the audience members Gemma got really excited at this. The main reason being she was sick of getting some of her goals met and others not.

Once she got clear on her passions for the next 12 months and the ones she wanted to master, she then set part of the workshop to do her goals.

Her #1 Passion was her family and she finally after many years decided to set a goal to go back to Greece her family's homeland to take her husband and kids back to Greece.

Her husband was not that keen. She decided she would go and work 'on him' with a lot of words and when she got home and we all know how some women once they are clear, will go and work 'on him'!!!

I finished the workshop about 4 pm. She came and thanked me and said 'she loved the workshop'.

About an hour later, I am in the car driving back from Sydney to Newcastle where I live and I get a call from Gemma. She is crying. My husband just rang me not even knowing I had got clear on my passions today and asked me if we should go to Greece. 'Isn't that freaky?' she said.

'It's not freaky at all' I replied. Once you get clear, it is very easy for the universe and husband and whoever to deliver on the clarity of your passions.

Its when we are not clear, we don't know how to get there and we wander around aimlessly and no one can helps us.

She was subordinating her passions to him and others. When she was clear, he was happy to support her.

Get clear on what you are going focus on.

Here is to Gemma visiting Greece. Go Gemma!


Shivani x