Creating a very different future

Last week I was asked by three different people to work on three different projects this year with them. Now in the past one of the things I’ve noticed that I’ve done is I’ve said, “yes, absolutely that sounds fantastic” because I really like the people and then I’ve stretched myself too far and I haven’t then been able to go deep enough into certain projects. Also, I realised that in hindsight that it also stroked my ego. It feels good when somebody says to you, “Hey would you like to collaborate with them?” Particularly when they are successful people but one of the things this year in 2017 that I want to get really clear about is does it actually suit the passions that I want to pursue. Is there a match also in our values not just the fact that we are two successful people or three successful people trying to collaborate and make things happen?

So, it’s been really, really important for me just to be able to get very clear about that and rather than say 'yes' instantaneously one of my tricks this year is going to be just to draw breath. When you are struggling and when you think you are going to say 'yes to something' just take a breath and just say “let me think about that and let me come back to you”.

For one of them I was able to say 'no' straight away and the other one in a couple of days and the third one I’ve still got to stay no to but it's very clear to me that this project isn’t going to be in line to the passions and how I want to live 2017.

So get super, super, duper clear in terms of what you want to do and learn how to say 'no' and take a breath. This is a huge issue for us as women and if we do that, well then we can create a very different future.