Your presence can make a huge difference

Yesterday, I got a chance to go to the beach with my two children who are aged 6 and 8 and we started a little game about being present. One of the things that they had to do was find a little shell that they really loved at the beach with millions of shells being there, but find something that they really loved then come and tell me why?

Once I looked at the first shell, I gave them a little "kiss" to say, 'well done'. That's just a beautiful explanation how fantastic that is. Then they realized that they would bring me two shells the next time, and some of them were tiny minuscule shells and others were very large shells. Before I knew it, I had passed-away more than a hundred kisses to both my kids and they freely, without saying, "come and give mummy a kiss", just came and did that.

One of the things that they said to me was, "It was so beautiful!" that I was watching them pick the shells and they would bring the shells over to me.

I learnt such a valuable lesson about being present. You know, normally when they're playing there, I thought sometimes, "Oh! I'll just quickly send that person a text. I will quickly reply to that. I don't spend a lot of time on social media but I might do just five minutes of quick social media."

One of the things that I realized was that it's so important that it's not just about being with your kids and being available for them. It's actually about being present with them. It's actually watching them. It's about interacting with them and they could see that interaction and I have noticed that since that moment, they have spent so much more time cuddling and kissing me.

So, as you're going to the end of the year, make sure you take some time out to really just be present. Be there in the conversation with your partner, with your children, with your parents, with your friends. As you celebrate New Year, just go, "Wow! I'm getting a chance to celebrate!" which so much of the world does at the end of the new year.

So just stop and breathe it in and really, really be present in the conversations and those moments as you start a new year.

I wish you a wonderful start to 2017!

Love, Shivani