Ocsober - the will to do something different

Less than a week ago, I returned from Fiji from a conference where many of the people were having a few wines. I had decided to do Ocsober on October 1 where I am dry (no alcohol) for a WHOLE month. I try each year to do something different for a month. Last year I did a month without coffee. That was hard, especially day 3 and 4 where my body started to notice the withdrawals and was searching for a fix.

I found it challenging to admit that I was addicted to coffee. I would normally only have one a day, maximum 2. But when it is not there and it reaches 10 am, I was on a hunt for one. A sign I was addicted despite a small consumption.

Wine was the same for me. I don't drink very much. I love a nice glass of red wine 2-3 times a week. But I was recently searching for it. Anticipating it. Time to go dry for a month before Christmas season I decided.

This was easy most nights and weeks. But when people around me got 'slurrier' with their words and telling me I was an idiot for an all expenses paid trip, I was thinking I could have done dry July but the red wine in Winter is amazing!

I could have easily had a wine or two this month. Nobody would have cared. No one. Except me. I needed to do it for the promise I made myself. That is all.

When we make choices, people may be upset with us or pleased with us but at the end of the day, we have to be clear who you are and do it anyway.

Here is to another week (VIP night tomorrow, dinner with friends Friday night and Diwali - Indian xmas this sunday).

Cheers Shivani x