This week I got to attend the Women World Changers Conference. It is so good to listen to world experts from all over the world so close to home on the topic of women, diversity, pay equity etc. Each speaker I learnt something from. One of the ones I learnt a lot from was Holly Ransom who is Co-chair at UN Young women.

My learnings were:

  1. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be a millennial in Australia. Hello! This means by the time I am 53, 75% of my team will be a millennial. How will I manage this type of workforce? What will my mindset need to be to cope with the different needs?
  2. Things are moving exponentially faster. The telephone took 75 years, FaceBook took 18 months and Pokemon took 8 days. If the speed is faster, how much more agile will I need to be a business owner? And how more agile will my systems need to be?
  3. Millennial's buy into the Why of the company not the who or the what. Will my Why be relevant? How do I market my Why for the millennial's constantly?

If you plan to be in business in 2025, have a think about Holly's challenges to me and you.

Love Always

Shivani xx