Be the best all the time...

Last week I got to do a big tick on one of my things on my bucket list, to eat at the 'Best Restaurant in Sydney'. It is not the best this year or the year before or the year before. It has been awarded 3 hat and 3 star rating for 13 years in a row.

I also got to meet Peter Gilmore who has taken Quay to this heights and maintained it there.

The word he mentioned when asked about how he knows who is going to make it when he hires them, he replied 'I look for passion.'

He has worked hard and the hard work does not go away.

The other thing he spoke about was the signature dish that has been there since the beginning (2003) the mud crab congee and then he experiments with new dishes all the time.

Do you have a product in business that works? You sometimes think 'I am bored. I should change it' but it is your signature. It is one of the things you are known for.

Keep experimenting with new products but keep what works.

Are you the best over 13 years. I have been in my own business for 14 years now and want to do better.

Love always

Shivani x