Another year older....

Yesterday was my birthday.  What I realised was that I am almost half way through my life with the current age expectancy. This made me reflective! Yesterday was a great day filled with family, friends, great food and a celebration of life.

To stop and do that (when it is not the kids) is awesome.  Simple pleasures of being brought a cup of tea in bed (and actually finishing it!) was lovely.

Getting extra kisses at any time of the day was great too!

The reflective part was that I got a chance to think about what I want to do for the second half of my life.  This does not make me sad.  It made me more excited.

In my teens, twenties and part of my thirties I spent pleasing others.  Now in my forties, I don't do everything for myself but I do a lot of what I want to do.  The second half I feel I will be much more myself.

Here are my reflections from yesterday.....

  1. Live life today.  Tomorrow may not come or the second half quicker.  Time definitely seems to be speeding up.
  2. Celebrate your birthday.  Ask for what you want.  I asked for 3 things from my family when they asked me 2 weeks ago and I got it.  When you ask for what you want, there is more chance to get it.
  3. It was a good time to see who you really value and vice versa.  There were almost 300 happy birthday's on Facebook, several text messages and it was the people who took time to spend it or had organised time to do that really mattered.

Enjoy Life

Shivani xx