The Big Buddha within

This week I have the privilege to spend a week in Thailand with my family on school holidays. Not only did I get to spend my little man turning 6 this week whilst away. I also got to rent a private villa where a masseur came in each day and provided each of us with a massage, we ate beautiful food - both western and Thai, we bought things to take home. It feels (I am still here for another day and a half) pretty luxurious. The other experience we wanted to create for our kids was to take them to an amazing orphanage (Check out which was a good 3 hour drive from where we were and another 3 hours back. We wanted our kids to feel grateful for what we have. It is important for us to teach our kids that we can live well and going and spending some time and love with kids who don't have parents is pretty amazing way to spend part of your holidays. Kids connect straight away and were holding hands without knowing names or any history of the person - love that about kids!

Each of us chose something hand made by the people working there to support them and take away a very valuable part of the trip.

Yesterday, we also got to visit 'The Big Buddha' which was 45 metres tall and had a 360 degree view of Phuket from the top. Although many tourists were there, I noticed how serene the place was. I was able to sit and meditate and feel grateful for what we have.

Finding the Buddha within and some serenity is so important. This week, being able to meditate and a few minutes of yoga each day has really helped me stay calm amongst chaos of Thailand and children on holidays.

Today my meditation was to imagine 'The Big Buddha' residing in my heart.

I hope today you find something to be grateful for today - the simplest and try the meditation.

Love Always

Shivani xx