Decisions: Our life’s petrol tank

What decisions should you make?

If you have your own car, I’m sure you know when to fill up your petrol tank for the long drive ahead.

Before sophisticated and complex run-by-computer modern cars were introduced, classic cars were made not only to go from point A to point B, but also enabled drivers to have fun while on the road.

Drivers seldom worry about the “miles-per-gallon” but surely were quite keen on keeping their “smiles-per-gallon” in-check.

But these days, petrol prices matter because of changes in the oil markets overseas. Changes in oil prices is as comparable as changes in life. Life is never the same every day.

Our decisions in life can be considered as our everyday petrol and our own self is our petrol tank. Decisions vary from one person to another and it mostly unique from other people.

How far can you drive your life? We often wonder how we live our life everyday. We sometimes use our decisions in things which are quite difficult to achieve where we have to start from the simplest of solutions.

In business and work, decisions can alter the way people work. Some cases, you may not be aware that you may be wasting our own petrol and sooner, exhausting your chances to drive for success.



Is your tank full in life? In any way possible, you have a lot of options on filling your life tank like resting your mind once in a while.

Sometimes, you ought to decide without proper rational thinking because our mind can be exhausted like a taxi which service people every day.

Taxis have their own rest days too not to mention regular maintenance. Similar to your life, you have yours. Get a massage or attend to some recreation. Communicate your ideas properly with your team. Get to know your team’s passions. Only then you will be able to fill-up your life tank.

How would you live life? How your decisions should be spend properly is up to you. Whatever directions or maps you can travel into, you have to be sure where to begin, know the nearest, and decide the wisest yet best course of action there is.

With Love!

Shivani Gupta is the Chief Passion Officer of Passionate People Institute.  She is a recipient of many awards such as the Telstra Business Women’s awards. Ask Shivani anything and connect with her on or 0439722040.