Who do you hang around with?

The conversations you have form who you are.  A great mentor once said to me 'that the quality of your questions determines the quality of your life'.

Conversations that are meaningful fill your soul whether they be on the personal nature or business.  These are conversations which go beyond the weather, how are you and stay what I call in a 'safe' space.  They also don't need a wine or social surroundings to make that conversation work.

Conversations that are meaningful and passionate are where you are wanting to understand them and their challenges and making a difference to their and your life.

A lot of the time it is people you feel 'safe' with but are willing to go deeper into 'unchartered or unsafe' territories.

Are there people in our life you can do that with?

I have a number of very deep relationships like this.  The conversations I have with them often are challenging but the clarity I get and the love I feel for going deep is nothing less of extraordinary.

My wise father (papa) used to repeat a saying to me when I was small.  He said 'there are many people who will celebrate with you when you are winning but who will be there to wipe your tears?'  This saying implies it is only with personal relationships.  I have found that my professional relationships are similar.  There are many colleagues and some clients who I whose shoulder I may not cry on but I would share deeper thoughts and feelings with them as they would with me. It is good to share.

I believe there are many like minded people out there but when you connect with soul minded people, it is a whole different playing field.

Love and Namaste