Premium vs Freemium: Better than the other?

My experience is when its free, the perceived value is lower than what you pay with premium. People may think that having a premium package gives the best offer there is. However, for me, that is not always that way. When you acquire a premium package, you have amazing features that you can expect as if you have everything in your hands. With a 'freemium' package, you get to have it for free at first with the most basic essentials without the premium amenities but you will have the option to buy additional features as much as you need. Both packages have its own unique advantages.

Not all people can afford premium, and not all people can utilize all of the features in a premium package. Instead of thinking that premium is more valuable than free, you can start free and add more along the way. You will be able to do everything within your scope. Then again, it's up to your decision on how you want it to be.

With Love!