Passionate Me Coaching (eBook)

Passionate Me Coaching (eBook)


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Passionate Me Coaching is designed to help you change your life. I have coached hundreds of people face to face for 10 years. There have been many people who have wanted to work with me and I with them but they could not get to face to face sessions or could not afford them. Based on continued requests, I have created Passionate Me Coaching to help more people access my quality coaching system.

Passionate Me Coaching has been created to help you become more passionate about yourself.

The coaching is designed to help you to work on areas in which you want to grow and develop. The modules reflect the common areas of development people raise with me in sessions as well as an extensive survey of people like you. You may not need every module. However if you are good at something, you can always become better. And in one to two areas, hopefully you can transform the way you do things.

The advantage of online coaching is that you can do it from the convenience of your work or home at a time that suits you.

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