Passionate Balance Program

Passionate Balance Program

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I have created this program for you, the busy person that wants the learning in their own time.

Someone who wants to get better at their balance and still continue to do what they love.

The 6 modules cover

  1. Identifying your passions

  2. Prioritising your passions

  3. Attaining more balance

  4. Meditation techniques

  5. Acceptance of yourself.

    This online program can be done in your own time, with each video running from 5-8 minutes in length. You will be given instructional takeaways to put into practice prior to commencing the following module.

Once payment is made, you’ll receive an instant pdf digital download that will you give you access to private video links. From then on you can complete the course in your own time.

*Please note that as this is a digital product, no refunds will be given. You’ll need internet access to watch each module. We do not allow for direct video downloads.

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