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As a passionate philanthropist, Shivani works closely with Barefoot College and the Human Kind Project.

Shivani believes in providing education to women all around the world and ensuring that she leaves the word better than she found it. 

Working closely with Barefoot and Human Kind Project, Shivani consistently raises both money and awareness for girl's eduction in impoverished nations. Shivani also takes a group of woman to India each year to experience the progress of the young women and the school's first hand. 

The Human Kind Project


Project Impact $100,000

Enabling the poor girls in rural villages of India to be educated to break the poverty cycle through education.

To create generational change as women who educate themselves will go on to raise educated children. Children who go to school will be healthier, happier and have access to more opportunities throughout life. Human Kind Project supports Barefoot College to educate children between the ages of 6 and 14 gather at night to learn by the light of solar lanterns.

Barefoot provides hands on, practical education to children who are not able to attend school during the day due to family responsibilities such as farming, livestock breeding and household chores. The informal environment utilizes innovative learning tools to teach literacy, democratic values, environmental sustainability, and mathematic and scientific skills.

$100,000 OVER 3 YEARS COULD:

  • Educate 2500 girls
  • $150 US sustains a child for a whole years education


To provide education in rural villages for educating girls. Giving them access to knowledge that financially impacts the family the girls belongs to. This in turn increases the age of the marriage for the girl. This has reduced abuse and poverty for a girl and the next generations.

Barefoot has to date:

  • 75,000 children in night schools
  • 14,000 teachers in government schools
  • 700 villages with night schools
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